Fall Lawn Fertilization

Here at Designer Landscapes, our goal is always to help you achieve the most healthy and beautiful lawn and landscaping. Healthy soil means a healthy landscape. As we move into fall, now’s the time to think about fall maintenance tasks that can keep your lawn and landscape at peak performance. 


A lush lawn and landscape requires care year-round, even in fall and winter. Most of us tend to get caught up with caring for our landscapes in spring and then it seems to fall off our priority list once summer hits. But did you know that the fall fertilization in the lawn and landscape is one of the most important of the year? Feeding your lawn in fall is what helps it weather winter stress so that it can look its best come spring. Fall core aeration and fertilization helps your grass produce a dense root system and healthy top growth that is more resistant to fall weed germination and competition. 

We offer a pre-emergent treatment for weeds in your landscaping.  This treatment is performed 2 times a year and will have a significant impact on the weed activity in your landscaping.  If you are interested in our pre-emergent treatment, be sure to call us now to keep your lawn looking great throughout the year.

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