Retaining Wall Construction


If you are updating your landscape, you might want to consider the retaining wall construction we offer at Designer Landscapes. A retaining wall is a beautiful accent to an outdoor area, and there are many reasons why this type of construction might work well in your outdoor space. The following are four common reasons.

1 – Supports the Soil

The retaining wall can provide support for soil in certain places of your lawn. This is particularly beneficial if you have slopes, hills, or hedges. The wall will provide a secure area for the soil to sit and grow plants.

2 – Prevents Floods

Retaining walls can also help prevent flooding. The wall can catch water from falling on your lawn or property. This will provide you with peace of mind. After all, flooding can cause damage to your yard and home.

3 – Prevents Damage

When our professionals install a retaining wall in your outdoor space, damage is prevented from occurring. Your property and the surrounding structures in your lawn will be better protected thanks to the wall. Also, erosion will be less likely to occur.

4 – Visually Pleasing

Many people like the visual appearance of retaining walls. They help eliminate the unattractive hills and dirt piles, allowing your yard to look more beautiful.

For more information on retaining wall construction in your outdoor space, contact Designer Landscapes today.

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