Start Planning for Fall

It’s still a hot August here in Texas but Fall will be here soon.  Every year we like to remind customers that Fall is an excellent time for landscape improvements.

lawn pic

Everyone gets spring fever and enjoys freshening up their yard in spring, but well informed gardeners know that Fall is really the best season for planting most of our landscape ornamental’s. 

Plants that go in the ground in the Fall have reduced heat stress now and are better equipped to handle the inevitable dry conditions of next summer. Although most plants will show little or no top growth during the winter, it’s what is going on in the ground that counts. Root systems thrive in our mild Fall weather and grow vigorously all winter, giving you bigger, healthier plants next year.

Use these last hot days of summer to plan your fall landscape projects.  Call us now to schedule your fall lawn and landscape plans at 972-979-2323!

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